Midlife Crisis flyer.jpg

O' is pleased to present Midlife Crisis, a new exhibition curated by Samantha Greenfeld, featuring Sarah Conaway, Matthew Destefano, Aubrey Ingmar Manson, Emily Marchand, Easton Miller, Brian Robertson, and Andrew Sexton.

May 4 – May 26, 2019

Gallery Hours: Saturdays, 12-5PM or by appointment

Opening Reception: May 4, 6-9:30PM

There comes a time in everyone’s life, sometimes more than once, where we find ourselves on the precipice of a cliff.

O’ Project Space opened its doors for the first time one year ago. In that time we have grown so much, both as an artist run space and as a community of creative people. The lifetime for most artist-run spaces is often a brief one. This could be the halfway point for us for all we know. As we reflect back on what we have accomplished over the last twelve months, we look forward to what the next year will bring with excitement and anticipation, but also a little trepidation.

Midlife Crisis brings together works that grapple with the realm of uncertainty. Though the saying is often presented as a negative, a midlife crisis can also be a powerful source of growth and new direction in one's life. The anxiety and dread of the unknown are part of life just as much as assurance in the path ahead. The works in this show do not attempt to hide their existence in a liminal space. The artists remind us that often the most relatable part of the human condition is its ever-changing nature.