O’ is pleased to present The Violence Show, a new exhibition curated by Louise O'Donnell featuring works by Oscar David Alvarez, Keith Ballard, Allen Brewer, Elijah Ford, Katie Inman, Kyle Patrick Roberts, and Shea Vititow

July 12 – September 13, 2019
Gallery Hours: Saturdays, 12-5PM or by appointment
Opening Reception: July 12, 7-11PM
Performances begin at 8:30

The scene opens on gates to technicolor hell with Lisa Frank flames
Staining your walls while pacing in your cell
Disturbing and pensive lampoons
Real places as fantasy-lands, fantasy-lands as prisons
Traveling through evil
Fuck metals, but crowns and masks can stay
Put your clown shoes on again, everything is fucked
Magical creatures, loud as fuck
Happy to be mentally ill, like a portrait of Los Angeles
Humanoids and guises, monsters at the church of baseball, flags at the Olympics
Judgment Day painters and men rubbed into California agates
Strange objects, communicating with our mythology as we fall from glory
Hard to watch

I always like to show a fucked up temple

For The Violence Show, Louise O’Donnell has brought together the works of seven Los Angeles-based artists to use diverse perspectives and mediums as a means of exploring and expanding on the simple theme. Characters emerge from the hellscape, objects have a mental breakdown, and holographic filters find beauty in the trash. Sculptures, videos, paintings, performance, and ephemera coexist naturally and unnaturally in the space, creating a visceral response in the viewer akin to the experience of the violence of everyday life.