About O'

O’ is an artist run project space in Lincoln Heights operating as a section of Louise O’Donnell Art Studio. Through a mix of exhibitions, special projects, and public outreach programs, the space focuses on exploring larger existential concepts through art and cultivating community – artist to artist, artist to viewer, artist to neighbor.

"This project space focuses on artworks that explore the larger questions surrounding the nature of our reality. We seek out places and projects of all mediums that examine our communities, human life, and life in general. We are committed to understanding how art can explore and illuminate questions that philosophy, science, and religion have grappled with for years. Art gracefully turns abstract concepts into solid, tangible forms that turn back into concept in the viewer's mind. We believe art should deal with who we are and why we are here, unanswerable late night questions, where we touch on realizations that give us goosebumps and re-structure our lives."