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O’ Project Space is pleased to present Necessary Phenomenon,  a solo show of works by artist Kacie Lees.

March 22 – April 14, 2019

Gallery Hours: Saturdays, 12-5PM or by appointment

Opening Reception: March 22, 7-11PM

 If light is not a wave or a particle, it must be something in-between. That ill-defined, malleable territory is where the works in Necessary Phenomenon were formed. Coming together under curiosity, Fluxus, Gestalt, and experimentation, this collection of sculpture and video tune into the frequency between channels, compiling a handbook for the undercurrents of perception.

 Kacie Lees is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY who uses video, neon, sculpture & installation as tools to explore theories of the void and source pathways to underdeveloped senses. Her practice builds on the experimental legacy of new media with an expansion towards fluid notions of space.