The Temple the house and the machine .jpg

O’ is pleased to announce, The Temple The House and The Machine, two simultaneous installations by Rachid Bouhamidi and Louise O'Donnell. 

July 13 – September 2
Gallery Hours: Sundays, 12-5PM or by appointment
Opening Reception: July 13, 7-11PM
Special Performance by Norah Keys at 10PM

What does it mean to be indoors? We have always made physical homes for abstract concepts and personal identity. Shelter gives us something beyond safety; humanity builds shrines, temples, terrariums etc. This show explores the indoors in its many manifestations. Bouhamidi presents a hexagon for the warm season, for the gathering of light and otherworldly energies, while O’Donnell's octagon gathers the hectic energies of data within our earthly ties to memory. Using traditional building material with objects of selfhood and technology, they create immersive hideaways, ethereal and terrestrial clubhouses, and shrines to now. The patterns of Morocco, the city of Los Angeles, American media culture and consumption, and traditional oil painting are just some of the building blocks for the interactive sanctuary structures crafted by the artists. Man-made boundaries, much like the homeless of Los Angeles make next to freeways, the wealthy build surrounded by high gates, and the devout make for deities. The enigmatic position of the “art house” in Los Angeles is explored, drawing on the traditions of outsider art. The residential-like forms use geometric shapes and patterns to express a duality of interests in representational scenery and cultural reality. They simultaneously exalt contradictory aspects mystical luminosity and actualized monumentality within the city and the self. The installations provide openness for each viewer's personal experience. We invite you to sit inside The Temple The House and The Machine