NO TORSO 02.jpg

O’ Project Space is pleased to present “Torso of whatever” a solo exhibition of works by Aimee Goguen curated by Louise O’Donnell.  On view September 20 through October 18th 2019, opening reception September 20th 7-11pm

A multi-media body of “projectiles”

large unidentified mass


Objects thrown into space (empty or not) by the exertion of force

Low-speed sequencing

the poltergeist moves through

slapping, slopping, sloshing, sloughing

The body of sonics

suck-back from a “BOOM”

Self-amputated and trans-mutating

this recycled apocalyptic trash-slut

A torso of whatever

Aimee Goguen is a video artist living and working in Los Angeles. Goguen’s video work is often imaginably about sex, bullying and putrefaction. Goguen has participated in several group shows including ec.dy.sis, CASSTL, Antwerp (2019), The Weight of Matter, Roberts Projects (2018), Dirty Looks, The Cock, NY (2018), Accidentally on Purpose, Panel LA (2017), Protuberances, LAXART, LA (2016), Things: a queer legacy of graphic art and play, Participant Inc, NY (2016) and Escape from Witch Mountain, White Columns, NY (2014). Goguen’s has been included in such anthologies as Dirty Looks Volume 4 The Pink Place: On Aimee Goguen’s ‘Tongue Job’ by Dodie Bellamy (2019) and The Oxford Companion to Queer Cinema reviewed by William J. Simmons (2019).